Space structures Co. Naghsh-e-jahan first in getting international standards certificate

Space structures co. Naghsh-e-jahan: has Years of scientific and practical experience, active company in consulting, designing, producing and implementation of various spatial structures, which began working since 1376, by support of technical and trained specialists. This company in addition to quality control products by utilizing advanced tools for all projects, works on testing materials with the standard features of national and international deals and always offers new design of structures

Modern methods of construction, new materials and promotion of building industry and technology have had development on modern architecture.  Including   these effects we can see the increasing tendency to use the space structure in developed countries today.

Company is organized of four major sections:

1: Engineering Section:

In this section engineers and technicians, design, calculate and prepare technical drawings using the Edit project advanced software.

Software used to design maps and calculations are:

Software: AUTOCAD, XSTEEL, SAP2000, ETABS , Formian

2 – Manufacturing section:

In this section, all elements and needed parts for each project based on technical evidence provided are produced with high speed and after final preparation is moved to place of

project, and there will be assembled.

1-2: receive needed materials from the warehouse and check ID with required technical specifications.

2-2: transferring and delivering raw materials to the relevant needed parts to produce parts in accordance with predetermined technical specifications


3 – Quality Control section:

In this section, quality control is done through the following steps:

3-1 Providing sample of used materials to the Strength of Materials Laboratory of Technical University and obtaining the necessary approval.
(Mechanical test)

3-2 Control quality of elements during construction (visual test).

3-3 Classifying quality control documents (documenting).

4- Business Administration section:

Estimating Cost, drafting contracts, purchasing needed materials and major equipment ,delivering  projects, are duties of this section.

Space Structures Co. is proud of  having development of the country  and increasing satisfaction of clients by consulting, designing, production and implementation of various spatial structures in accordance with latest international standards.